WEP Academi


The WEP Academi was established to provide training to the Welsh supply chain in the areas that support the Welsh Government’s digital and decarbonisation agendas.

Training is open to anyone working in the industry, from supply chain to a social business or a higher education student who wants to upskill.

The WEP Academi will give you access to continuing education opportunities to develop specialised and tailored skills.


Our Mission

Through the WEP Academi, we aim to foster personal and professional growth by providing access to valuable knowledge and skills.

There are three commitments that are driving our project:

  • Knowledge expansion by offering a diverse range of courses that cover various subjects of the building industry 
  • Skills development by providing practical learning that translates into real-world competencies and that can be applied in their careers.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: the courses are free and accessible to everyone.

Our Goals

Through the WEP Academi, we working on creating an online platform where industry experts can share best practices and innovations with their direct and indirect supply chain. Our goal is to provide people with the opportunity to gain new knowledge and develop high-impact skills to enhance their professional growth.

  • We provide access to high quality training
  • We provide a platform for industry to share best practice, providing existing professionals and the future talent pipeline with the knowledge and skills to become changemakers