The WEP Academi is a learning platform to help people who work in the building construction industry develop skills that are critical to build resilient and sustainable buildings.

Courses will be provided by experienced professionals in the Design and Build industry working on the projects WEPCo is delivering in Wales.

With the WEP Academi, you can:

  • Expand your knowledge and skills
  • Access high quality courses delivered by Industry specialists
  • Access online and in person courses for free


  • Modern Methods of construction

  • Low carbon technologies

  • Building energy efficient and sustainable buildings

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

  • Digital tools in construction

For Whom

  • People who are part of the supply chain of the companies WEPCo is working with

  • People who work in the construction sector

  • People studying for a degree in the construction sector

Delivery options

  • The courses advertised on the WEP Academi website will be offered by the Design & Build Companies WEPCo is working with.

  • The Courses will be grouped sessions, some in person and others online.

Levels of teaching

The courses are tailored to fit the needs of the Welsh local supply chain. We’ll offer a wide range of courses providing the best possible learning experience to develop the useful skills to help build resilient and sustainable building infrastructure.

Our Key Partners


We will work with our partners to develop courses that add value to existing skills in the local supply chain.