Transform your professional future

Individuals currently working in construction & the built environment, higher education students and graduates, learn skills through courses developed by top Industry Companies for free on WEP Academy for Students.

Build the skills of the future today and make an impact on your community

All sectors are called to transform in the face of the ecological crisis and the digitalisation of activities.

The construction industry is changing and the WEP Academi is quickly adapting to industry trends by offering courses that meet future skills needs.

Through this platform, we want to invite people to use their new skills to initiate the changes on which our future depends. To commit to implementing change through our profession is key to making an impact on our society’s ecological sustainability and sustainable growth.

The WEP Academi is open to anyone in Wales currently working in the construction and built environment sector, or still in training, and willing to take the challenge to build new skills.


Transform your career and the industry through education

We are convinced that education has the power to unlock opportunities in people’s lives.
The WEP Academi is an initiative that emerged from the continuity of the Welsh Education Partnership to develop a more prosperous and equal Wales. We focus on training which represents powerful levers of action, too often neglected, and that can create a real impact on people’s career and lives.

The role of the WEP Academi is to provide access to quality education for all people in Wales to empower them to make an impact towards greater sustainability and digitalisation, and on their communities.

Learn from Industry top companies

How can we lead an ambitious sustainable and digital transformation of the construction sector if the training we have access to does not provide us with the right tools? How can we be the changemakers, acting to meet the challenges ahead?

Through education & training, we can implement fast acting solutions to immediate problems.

Since 2021, the WEP Academi has been working in partnership with CWIC & CITB to tackle these challenges head-on. Through the mobilisation of our skills-sharing platform, contractors are delivering added value through their social responsibility commitments that are far-reaching and inclusive.