Transform your business through the WEP Academi


The WEP Academi advocates for a more prosperous and equal Wales. All sectors are called to transform in the face of the ecological crisis and the digitalisation of activities.

The construction industry is changing and the WEP Academi is quickly adapting to industry trends by offering courses that meet future skill needs.

By training the workforce, companies can unlock significant opportunities for their business, and understand and address current industry challenges.

The WEP Academi works with CWIC and CITB to determine the skills need at local level. We systematically engage with design and build contractors and facilities management companies to ensure that the courses we provide respond to these needs.


Expand the knowledge of your workforce and create a culture of learning


Employees and managers need skills to become change makers and create a culture of learning within their companies.

The WEP Academi offers free courses developed by design and build contractors and facilities management companies to help you upskill your workforce in the areas that are key for the future of construction. The platform will save you both valuable time and money.

With the support of the WEP Academi, companies are guided to specific course modules that will help their employees make a sustainable impact on their work to design, build and shape the cities of tomorrow.

Unlock the potential of your organisation through a quality learning experience


We want to enable a transformation across the construction industry, our society and our communities. The WEP Academi provides high-quality learning experiences, in today’s most job-relevant subject areas.

We’ll have the latest courses on the most important activities your employees need to learn to stay ahead of the curve.

The WEP Academi learning experience follows three key principles:

  • Experience: learn new skills booking the courses that are right for you
  • Practice: Demonstrate what you have learned in real-life projects
  • Collaboration: Share your knowledge to your network and apply your new skills in your life and career to make an impact on your company and the community.